READ & REPLY ANSWERS [April 8, 2021]

  • There are more than 50 million antique books in China but not many people are trained to repair them
  • Check your answers here
Doris Wai |

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Lian Chengchun examines a torn page at her studio in Beijing. Photo: Patrick Wong

1. No, because she restores all the books by hand.

2. An antique book is one that was printed before 1912.

3. They have rotted/aged/water damage./They cannot be opened properly. (any 2)

4. Yes, because she grew up in a family of antiquarians.

5. the National Library of China

6. She had to be trained by a master.

7. between 30 and 60 days

8. people running auction houses and private book collectors

9. because the starting salary is low and the hours are long

10. There are fewer and fewer people inheriting this craft.

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