HIGHER REACHES ANSWERS: A bad night’s sleep is linked to higher risk of dying, research shows [May 11, 2021]

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1. C

2. It is due to part of the body’s ability to respond to potentially dangerous situations, such as an external noise or our breathing becoming obstructed.

3. because a closed airway which is caused by sleep apnoea triggers cortical arousal to prompt the sleeping person to move in an attempt to reopen it

4. D

5. reduce noise pollution/lose weight/change jobs/reduce stimulants, tobacco or alcohol use (any 3)

6. taken into consideration

7. While Dendale agrees that how often one awakens is related to cardiovascular health later in life, he does not believe that there is evidence yet that waking up frequently at night causes heart trouble.

8. (i) B

(ii) F

(iii) A

(iv) E

9. B

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