STUDY BUDDY ANSWERS: Facial recognition app used to protect endangered coral reef fish species is a world first [June 16, 2021]

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1. It can now be used to identify fish.

2. A

3. unique eye markings/intricate markings on the sides of their face/complex markings like fingerprints (any 1)

4. (i) It has a bulbous forehead

(ii) They take four to five years to reach adulthood/they are slow to mature/they are often caught before reaching adulthood.

(iii) The species is vulnerable to overfishing.

5. (i) Indonesia

(ii) mainland China

6. (i) NG

(ii) NG

(iii) F

(iv) T

7. They cannot keep track of the humphead warsse because of the inability to distinguish between legally and illegally imported ones.

8. (i) retail outlets

(ii) imported

(iii) illegally

9. the general public

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