5-minute listening exercise: A good rant

  • Practise your English with our short listening exercises: play the audio linked below; answer the questions; and check the answers at the bottom of the page
  • In this week’s podcast, three upset individuals have a rant on the air
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Sometimes it’s just good to let it all out.

Click here for the audio file.

Play a Kahoot! game about this story as a class or with your friends by clicking on the link here.

Or play on your own below to test your understanding:


1 What is the purpose of a good rant?
A. to convince someone to do something
B. to trick another person
C. to annoy somebody as a joke
D. to help yourself feel better

2 When you need to “get things off your chest”, you …
A. feel a tightness in the top part of your body.
B. try and understand someone else’s point of view.
C. talk about something that bothers you.
D. find a solution to a problem.

3 What is Jamie’s rant about?
A. school bags
B. textbooks
C. morning classes
D. all teenagers

4 What can a heavy backpack do, according to Jamie?
A. hurt one’s spine
B. improve one’s posture
C. strengthen one’s back muscles
D. break one’s neck

5 How much of Jamie’s current geography textbook does she think is redundant?
A. half
B. one third
C. a quarter
D. all of it

6 Someone who feels “undervalued” does not think …
A. they are old enough to do something.
B. people understand them.
C. they are appreciated enough.
D. none of the above.

7 What does Chloe’s sister do?
A. She takes care of people who are sick and injured.
B. She performs surgeries.
C. She drives an ambulance.
D. She prescribes medicine for her patients.

8 What sort of environment does Chloe’s sister work in?
A. relaxing
B. stressful
C. entertaining
D. boring

9 What does Chloe compare the treatment of nurses to?
A. janitors
B. patients
C. doctors
D. servants

10 What will happen if people do not change their attitudes towards nurses, according to Chloe?
A. There will be a shortage of nurses.
B. Nurses’ salaries will be reduced.
C. Some nurses will be sacked.
D. Patients’ medical bills will increase.

11 What is Akiko upset about?
A. the high cost of junk food
B. how easy it is to buy junk food
C. people who have health problems
D. lack of junk food in Hong Kong

12 If you tell someone that “there is no excuse for something”, you are …
A. giving someone permission to leave.
B. forgiving them for a mistake they made.
C. apologising for something you did in the past.
D. saying it should not happen.

13 What does Akiko say about sandwiches?
A. They are too costly compared to burgers.
B. They are not as healthy as burgers are.
C. They can be just as tasty as burgers.
D. information not given

14 Which word can replace “greasy” in the podcast?
A. dirty
B. oily
C. slimy
D. slithery

15 How might Jamie, Chloe and Akiko feel after the rant session?
A. sad and miserable
B. just as annoyed as before
C. less frustrated
D. regretful of their actions

Click here for the answers.

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