JUST READ IT Answers: Wearable monitors can help your heart, if you know your device [October 3, 2018]

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Brain Game: If you were given HK$10,000 but you had to spend it in a day, how would you use it? (Round 8)

1. skyrocketed

2. (a) F

(b) T

(c) NG

(d) T

3. (i) relay

(ii) foolproof

(iii) fluctuate

(iv) false alarm

4. because you wear them like a watch

5. not all wearables are created equal/as good as each other (1) and the data they produce is not always easily understood. (1) Sometimes patients think there is a problem (1) but when they go to hospital it’s nothing, or something very mild. (1)

6. B

7. at least 30 minutes of (moderate to intensive) physical activity a day

8. They can send reminders to people to take their medication, or to limit their exposure to the sun

9. more and more people will use them/ there will be more types of technology that help people live more healthily