How to get your pieces published?

Susan Ramsay
Susan Ramsay |

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How do you get your pieces published?

by Susan Ramsay, Young Post Editor

Well, first of all, you have to write something. If you are not sure of what to write or whether or not it will be accepted then send me a 'pitch'. What is a pitch? It’s a brief description of a story or stories that you would like to write. Team YP reporters have to do this every week at the our conference. It can go something like this...

I want to do a piece on the Railway Museum and why nothing ever seems to change in it. There are quite a few railway enthusiasts in HK and we love going to the museum, but it’s always got the same display. I’ll talk to two rail fans and the curator of the museum to find out what fans would like to see, and why the place is so boring. I’ll take the pics myself. (Or, I’ll need someone to take pics for me).

That is called a nut or a kernel. Then I might write back and say 'good idea, maybe you can also contact this person to get their point of view'. Or I might say 'sorry, we’ve done this already' or 'I’m not sure that’s suitable for Young Post'. Don’t be discouraged. Only about one in six story pitches get approved.


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