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Olivia Chavassieu
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China goes on the attack at climate talks

by Shi Jiangtao in Beijing and Reuters in Copenhagen

SCMP, page A1 and A10, December 10, 2009

1. China has thoughened its stance at the UN climate conference

- position -

2. ... which they say would jeopardise hopes to an agreement

- threaten, put at risk -

3. Xie Zhenhua put it more bluntly on the sidelines of the climate talks

- directly -

4. Analysts said China's muscleflexing underscored deep rifts between the developing and developed worlds

- China's show of strength emphasised huge disagreements -

5. the bleak prospects for a strong global deal

- gloomy, depressing, unpromising -

6. ... part of China's overall strategy for the long-stalled negociations

- deadlocked (no progress has been made for a long time) -

7. Su scoffed at a fast-start fund of US$10 billion a year ...

- mocked the ... -

8. He slammed Washington ...

- attacked, criticised very harshly -

... for failing to rein in its emissions

- curb, slow down -

9. Su said that the success of the Copenhagen talks hinged in part on the US offer

- was partly associated with -

10. He called a unilateral EU cut of 20 per cent insufficient and insincere

- one-sided (decision affecting only one group) -

11. it was a reiteration of China's basic stance

- an emphasis (by repetition) -