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by Susan Ramsay, Young Post Editor

If features are not your thing, you might want to try your hand at reviews. Young Post carries reviews of books, movies, gadgets, games, otaku and music.

There’s a knack to writing a good review and that is to give an outline of the product, whether it's a film, gadget or CD, and it is crucial that you give your opinion. You must also make sure that somewhere on your submission you have the details of the product you’re reviewing.

Like this:

DVD: 12 Angy Men (1997)

Starring: Jack Lemmon and Tony Danza

Director: William Friedkin

Producer: Terence Donnelly

Make sure all the names are right. This saves the sub editor a lot of time, and leaves you clear to write in your style.

Remember, though, that all reviews are written in PRESENT tense.

Reviews should be around 250-280 words.

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