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Voice 1: Rescue teams searching for runners caught up in treacherous weather during a hill race in Guangxi Province have said that all participants have now been found. The weather forecast had predicted cold weather for the day of the race, but an hour after the race began the heavens opened and torrential rain suddenly began to fall.

Voice 2: According to the race organisers, five hundred people had registered to take part in the race, but only 350 actually turned up. The race is held annually and covers a distance of 25 miles. It is one of the most popular sporting events in the area and usually attracts a lot of attention.

Voice 1: A spokesman for the rescue teams said that the race began at around 10am with calls for help coming into the police about an hour and a half later. Some of the runners were getting into difficulties because of the sudden atrocious weather conditions. There was nowhere for them to find shelter from the strong rain and winds.

Voice 2: The rescue operations were slowed down by the terrible weather with rescuers battling heavy rain, strong winds and low clouds. Two helicopters were used in the rescue and by late afternoon a race spokesman reported that the rescue operation had had a positive outcome. He added "Some of the runners have minor injuries but nothing serious. Everyone involved in the race and in the rescue has gained a lot of experience today".

Voice 1: The last missing runner, a 35 year-old man, was found just as the light began to fade. He had found some bushes under which to shelter. Six people were taken to hospital by helicopter but only one was kept in over night because of breathing difficulties.