SCRIPT: ROOM 101 [June 18, 2019]

Is there something you want to put it in Room 101?

John Millen |

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ROOM 101

Jamie: Hello and thanks for tuning in to St Mark’s School pod cast. Our topic for this month Room 101, is based on a popular radio series, in which celebrities discuss their pet peeves and persuade the host to get rid of those hateful items by banishing them to a room which contains “the worst thing in the world”. And today, our special guest is Candice Lam, the school’s head prefect. Welcome, Candice.

Candice: Thank you, Jamie. It’s a pleasure to be here.

Jamie: Candice, what do you know about Room 101?

Candice: It is a very special room. When you put an item into Room 101, it vanishes off the face of the earth forever. Can you put people as well as things into the room though?

Jamie: Of course! So Candice, what are your top six peeves?

Candice: The first one is a no-brainer. I really hate mosquitoes. Every summer, I get bitten badly by mosquitoes even though I always cover my arms and legs with mosquito repellent. Every mosquito on earth should be sent into Room 101 and eradicated!  

Jamie: Ha ha. What’s next?

Candice: Anyone who refuses to move to the centre of the train, and blocks the train doors. These people are really inconsiderate and should be exiled into the room.

Jamie: I agree! Is the next one a person or an object?

Candice: It’s a food item. It’s white and yellow when cooked, and smells disgusting. Can you make a guess?

Jamie: Eggs?

Candice: Yup! I really dislike eggs, especially poached, over-easy, and sunny-side ups with runny yolks.

Jamie: That’s an interesting choice. Do you hate all types of eggs?

Candice: Well … hard-boiled ones are alright but I avoid them as much as possible. And I certainly prefer them to the fourth item on my list: sugary drinks. They are really bad for health. Too much of these sweet drinks can lead to obesity, diabetes, and even heart disease. All these liquid candy should be banished into Room 101!  

Jamie: That’s very true! Sugary drinks are bad for our teeth and cause tooth decay too. 

Candice: Exactly! And next, I want to put all single-use plastic bottles into Room 101. I’m sure many others agree with me. There is so much plastic pollution, and our oceans and landfills are filled with plastic bottles.

Jamie: I agree. We need to cut down on plastic use. And Candice, what’s the last item on your list?

Candice: Hmmm … I’d say those who use their phone in a movie theatre. Even looking at your screen is distracting to everyone sitting around and behind you. Actually, all movie theatres should just ban smartphones.

Jamie: Right. And now, our listeners will decide which one of your hated items will go into Room 101. Voting starts right now and ends at 6pm tomorrow. You can vote by logging on to the school website and clicking on the “The Wake Up Crew” banner. The results will be announced this Friday. Thanks Candice, and thank you everyone for listening. Tune in again tomorrow to our top ten hits.