Script: Listening Exercise 77


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Maggie works as a receptionist at 'Hair Port', a busy hair salon. She is responsible for making bookings. She has just had two phone conversations with customers.

Maggie: Good morning. Hair Port. Maggie speaking. How may I help you?

Customer: Good morning. I'd like to make an appointment for next Tuesday morning. Any time between ten and midday, please.

Maggie: I'm sorry, madam. The salon will not be open next Tuesday morning. We will be closed for staff training.

Customer: Oh, that's a nuisance! I’ll be in town next Tuesday for a lunch date with some girlfriends and I was hoping to get my hair done in the morning.

Maggie: We are reopening immediately after lunch. Would an appointment at two be convenient?

Customer: No, not at all. I would have to really rush my lunch to get to you by two.

Maggie: What about four on Tuesday afternoon? Max has an appointment free at four.

Customer: Yes, that would be excellent. I can then do a bit of shopping after lunch before I come to you.

Maggie: Max is new here. He's been with us for a month and has worked in salons in London and Tokyo. He's proving to be very popular with our customers. Lots of them are returning to him after their first appointment.

Customer: That's fine. Book me in with Max.

Maggie: Do you want your hair cutting and colouring?

Customer: Just cutting this time, please. I had it coloured a month ago and it's fine.

Maggie: Very good. That's next Tuesday at four with Max. Could I have your name and a contact number, please?

Maggie: Good morning. Hair Port hair salon. Maggie speaking. How may I help you?

Customer: Hello. I’d like to change an appointment I made for 10 o'clock on Wednesday the 15th, please. Something's come up and I can't make it on that day.

Maggie: No problem, madam. Let me have a look.

Customer: My appointment was with Jenny.

Maggie: Right, I've found it. Mrs Lee.

Customer: No, not Lee. I'm Mrs Wu.

Maggie: Oh, that's odd. I've got a Mrs Lee booked in with Jenny for ten o'clock on the 15th. Let me double check.

Customer: I booked last Thursday.

Maggie: Right, I've found you, Mrs Wu. For some reason we've got you booked in with Jenny at ten on Wednesday the 22nd.

Customer: That's no use. I know I can't make that date either.

Maggie: What about Thursday the 16th, would that be possible?

Customer: In the afternoon, yes.

Maggie: I can book you in with Lucy at three o'clock.

Customer: That would be fine. Lucy did my hair a couple of months ago when Jenny was ill.

Maggie: Very well, Mrs Wu. You are now booked in with Lucy on Thursday the 16th at four in the afternoon.

Customer: I thought you said three.

Maggie: Ooops, my mistake. Yes, three on the 16th. Can I check your contact number, please?

Customer: 5679 4322

Maggie: Thank you, Mrs Wu. See you then. Bye.