Script: Listening Exercise 88

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Carey works at a ticket booking agency in London. Two phone conversations she had this morning.

Conversation 1

Carey: Good morning. How may I help you?

Voice: Good morning. I’m planning a trip to London with a couple of friends who love musicals. I’d like to book three tickets for a theatre show please.

Carey: No problem. Which show were you thinking of?

Voice: Have you got three tickets for PHANTOM OF THE OPERA for a Saturday evening anytime next month.

Carey: Let me have a look. We’ve got three in the front of the stalls for Saturday the 11th at 8pm. But that would be one single seat on row P and two together on Row N. They are very good seats in the middle.

Voice: Don’t you have three together? I don’t think we want to be split up.

Carey: I’m afraid all the Saturday evening performances are sold out for this month. We just have those three returns. We do have tickets for weekday performances.

Voice: Do you have three tickets for the Saturday after, the 18th?

Carey: I’m sorry, as I said all the Saturdays are sold out. Oh... wait a moment. We do have three for that Saturday, but they are singles in the balcony.

Voice: Hmm... What about Friday, the 10th?

Carey: It looks as if we are fully booked for that Friday. But... yes, we have three together in the rear of the stalls for Friday the 17th.

Voice: How much are they?

Carey: Fifty pounds plus a booking fee of two pounds per ticket. They're in row P. They’re good seats.

Voice: Good. I’ll take those three.

Carey: Are you paying by credit or debit card?

Voice: By credit card, please.

Carey: There is an additional fee of one pound per ticket if you pay by credit card.

Voice: That’s okay.

Carey: Could I have the name on the card and the sixteen digit number across the front please. And the expiry date?

Conversation 2

Carey: Good afternoon. How may I help you?

Voice: Are there any tickets left for the Lady Gaga shows at the O2 in September?

Carey: For any particular date?

Voice: No, it doesn’t matter which night.

Carey: I know that three of the five shows are sold out. But extra tickets have been released for the others. You might be lucky.

Voice: That’s great.

Carey: We do have tickets available for Wednesday the 1st and Thursday the 2nd. The first two shows.

Voice: Oh, the Wednesday, please.

Carey: How many tickets would you like?

Voice: A group of us are wanting to come, so ten tickets please.

Carey: I’m afraid that tickets are limited to five per caller.

Voice: Oh, no...

Carey: You will have to tell one of your friends to call as soon as possible and buy the extra five you want. You won’t all be together, though.

Voice: That’s better than nothing.

Carey: How would you like to pay?

Voice: With a debit card please.

Carey: Good. There is no booking fee for using a debit card.

Voice: Cool.

Carey: Could I have the name on the card, the number across the front and the expiry date, please?