Script: Listening Exercise 110

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Yesterday, Jade had a day off work She spent the day doing her favourite activity. It didn't quite go to plan. In the evening, Kate calls Jade for a chat. Listen to their conversation.

Kate: Did you have a good day at work today?

Jade: I took the day off today and I went shopping. It’s ages since I had a day all to myself. And you know how I love retail therapy.

Kate: Lucky old you! I’ve been on a boring training course all day. I bet you had a great time. I hope you didn’t spend too much money.

Jade: Actually, the whole day was a bit of a disaster. Nothing seemed to go right.

Kate: What happened? What went wrong?

Jade: I was just getting off the MTR and I caught the heel of my shoe on the platform edge and broke it off. I managed to hobble to a shoe repairer just outside the station and he stuck the heel back on, but I wasted a long time because he was so slow. It would have been quicker for me to go and buy another pair of cheap shoes.

Kate: What a nuisance!

Jade: Then, just as I’d just got myself in the mood to shop again and was looking at some cool tops in that new French shop, guess what happened? The alarm went off and we all had to get out of the shop. I stood around for about fifteen minutes and there was no sign of them allowing us back in the shop. So I decided to move on somewhere else.

Kate: Did you go back later?

Jade: Yes, I did, but… I decided to get a spot of lunch. I went to that Italian place I went to with you last week and had some soup. I was just about to pay when I realised I didn’t have my bag with me. I’d left it on the floor in the clothes shop when we all had to get out.

Kate: I'd be panicky!

Jade: Tell me about it! But I was so lucky. An assistant had found my bag and given it to the manager. I went straight back to the restaurant to pay for my lunch. What a relief to get my bag back.

Kate: Did you go home then and give the day up as a bad job?

Jade: I did not! I’d seen a pair of shoes that I wanted, so I headed for the shop. And guess what - they were on sale! How good was that? So, I got my shoes, but that’s not the end of the tale. I got my purse out to pay and my credit card wasn't there! I thought straightaway that it had been stolen when I left my bag in that clothes shop.

Kate: Oh, no!

Jade: But after a moment of panic, I remembered I’d changed purses that morning and hadn’t changed my card over. So, I rang home and sure enough Mum found the card in my other purse. The shop agreed to save the shoes for me and I’ll collect them tomorrow. By this time I’d had enough and caught a taxi home. That was my day off.