Script: Listening Exercise 130

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Introduction: Whenever an organisation, club or company holds an official meeting, someone should keep the minutes of the meeting. - a brief summary of what was said. If meetings are held regularly, they should begin with someone reading the minutes of the last meeting. Those present should accept the minutes as being correct, and then the new meeting can begin.

St John’s High School Sports Club Committee holds a monthly meeting. Listen to the minutes of the last meeting and then answer the questions.

Voice: Here are the minutes of our last meeting on Thursday, September 1st 2011. The chairman opened the meeting at 19.05. Those present were the full committee with the exception of Mike Wong, who sent his apologies for being unable to attend. At the meeting the school principal was represented by Mrs Tsang, the deputy principal.

The main topic on the agenda was the organisation of the autumn sports day. It was suggested and accepted by the committee that this event should begin late in the afternoon and continue into the evening so parents and other guests would be able to attend. Three committees thought this was not a good idea, but the proposal was passed by a vote of nine to three. The deputy principal added that this change of timing should only be on a one-off trial basis. We will discuss whether this was a success later in today's meeting.

The second proposal came from the captain of the school senior football team. He asked the committee to consider using club funds to purchase a new kit for the team. The club treasurer informed the committee that club funds were healthy, and asked the proposer to obtain a costing for this item and to present this again for discussion at the next meeting.

Mrs Tsang requested that the congratulations of the school senior management team be passed to Johnny Li of Form 5 for being selected Young Sport Personality of the Year by TopSport Magazine. This is a great honour for the school and for Johnny himself. The head of sport studies agreed to pass these congratulations on to Johnny.

Penny Tang of Form 3 proposed that members of the committee paid a visit to Chris West who is in hospital following an injury while training with the school’s running team. This was accepted and the committee sent Chris a gift and good wishes for a speedy recovery.

Does the committee now accept that these are a true set of minutes for our last meeting? Can I now file these minutes as read? Thank you. We can now begin this evening’s meeting.