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Four friends are talking about what they do during the week to keep fit.

Archie: Each week I do two hours of structured exercise at the gym. I don't go on the same evening , but I time myself and I do two hours exactly. I follow a plan prepared for me by a gym instructor. Since the New Year, I’ve gained four extra kilos and this is not good. I know I’m a bit lazy as far as exercise is concerned if I’m not strict with myself. I don't like sport, so the only way I will get any exercise is to pay for a gym membership. I don't like to waste money and I’ve paid for six months up front so I will make myself go. Yes, I am being very determined and organised. I know myself. I will not do any exercise at all if I don’t have a plan and stick to it.

Betty: I do a lot of sport so getting exercise and keeping fit is not a problem. I don't give keeping fit much thought because it comes naturally. I don't eat sweet or fatty foods, and at work I never take the lift - I walk up to my office on the third floor. I do sport because I love it. I play tennis and I have just taken up badminton. I do my best to encourage all my friends to keep fit, too. It’s important. These days we all have busy lives and sometimes we forget to maintain our bodies. Our body is the most important thing we have and we should look after it.

Reg: Last year, I wasted a lot of money on a gym and sports club membership. I paid for twelve months, but I stopped going after just twelve weeks. Bad, I know, but that’s what happened. I just could not get myself to the gym after a hard day at work. But that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped getting exercise. Now I walk to work every morning instead of taking the bus. I walk through the park and really enjoy it. It takes me forty-three minutes exactly to walk from home to work.

Veronica: A couple of weeks ago, I joined a jogging group organised by a man in our apartment block. It’s a brilliant way to exercise. We all encourage each other. There are about thirty people in the group, but of course we don’t all jog together. The group jogs in the park on three evenings a week at seven o’clock and on Sundays at midday. We meet in the lobby of our apartment block, and off we go. You know what it’s like living in an apartment block. You never get to know your neighbours. But since I’ve joined the jogging group, I’ve made some good friends. It’s great.