Script: Listening Exercise 142

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Yesterday afternoon, Sammi went to the cinema. Like every responsible cinemagoer, she turned off her mobile phone as soon as she sat down in her seat. When the film was over, she checked her voicemail. She had six messages. Listen as she plays them back.

Female: Sam! It’s Mum. Can you do me a little job on your way home? Will you pop into the supermarket and get me half a dozen eggs? I want to make some pancakes for supper tonight. You are coming straight home after the cinema, aren’t you? Let me know if you aren’t. See you later. Hope you enjoy the movie. Bye.

Male: Hello, Sammi. It’s Mr Chen at the music school. Your flute lesson tomorrow night has been cancelled unfortunately. Your tutor is ill. He’s just phoned to tell us he can’t give any lessons tonight or tomorrow. Can you call me back to reschedule your lesson for later in the week? Thank you. Goodbye.

Female: Hi, Sam. It’s Jennifer. I wanted to share some great news! I’ve been selected for the school senior tennis team. Isn’t that brilliant? You know how much practice I’ve been putting in. The team was announced this morning and I’m in it! I know you’ll be as pleased as I am. Give me a call when you can.

Male: Hey Sam? It’s Mark. Are we still going to the concert tomorrow night? You haven’t confirmed yet. You said you’d probably be able to go and that you’d let me know definitely today. Hope you haven’t forgotten. I told you my brother had got me two free tickets. Give me a call to tell me if you are coming with me. I’ll ask Pete if you can’t go. Thanks.

Female: Sam? It’s Claire. I’m really sorry I couldn’t come to the cinema with you this afternoon. I really wanted to see that film. Thanks for replying to my text. I was sick all last night. It must have been the prawns I ate for dinner. I can’t think what else could have made me like this. Anyway, I hope you and Kate enjoy the movie. Let me know what it was like. Bye for now.

Male: Hello. I'm calling from Page Two Bookshop. The novel you ordered last week is now in stock. The price is 150 dollars. We will keep the book for you for one week. Please collect it by next Saturday. If you no longer want the book, please let us know. Thank you. Goodbye.