Script: Listening Exercise 146

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Listen to the interview from the television programme 'Breakfast Time'.

Voice 1: This morning we're going to chat to Lena Tornquist, who lives with her husband on a farm in northern Sweden. Last month, Mrs Tornquist made an amazing discovery in the vegetable garden behind her house. Good morning, Mrs Tornquist. Welcome to 'Breakfast Time.'

Voice 2: Thanks very much. It's good to be here.

Voice 1: Can you tell us what happened last month when you were digging in your vegetable garden?

Voice 2: Yes. It was just before lunchtime, and I'd gone outside to dig up some carrots to use in a salad.

Voice 1: And you found something rather special?

Voice 2: I did indeed. I dug up a carrot and had the shock of my life! There was a gold ring around the bottom half of the vegetable. It looked as if the carrot had grown through the ring.

Voice 1: What did you do?

Voice 2: It sounds a bit silly now, but I let out a loud scream. Our daughter Ann came rushing out of the house to check what had happened. You see, I recognised the ring immediately.

Voice 1: Really?

Voice 2: Yes. It was the wedding ring I'd lost seventeen years ago. A gold ring encrusted with three diamonds that my husband had had specially made when we got married.

Voice 1: How did it get around a carrot in the ground?

Voice 2: It didn't take us long to work that one out. I lost the ring at Christmas time. I was getting everything ready for our Christmas dinner and I remember taking the ring off and putting it on the work surface next to the sink. My husband and sister were helping in the kitchen, while Ann was playing on the kitchen floor.

Voice 2: And you didn't keep an eye on your ring?

Voice 1: Of course not. I was too busy cooking and taking after Ann. It wasn't until we'd finished eating our meal that I realised I wasn't wearing my wedding ring. We searched everywhere. We checked behind all the appliances and a few months later when we were having the kitchen renovated, we made a thorough search under the floorboards. All to no avail. We never found the ring. I was very upset, as you can imagine.

Voice 2: Now you've found it again, you must be ecstatic. What do you think happened to it?

Voice 1: I think we've worked that one out! It must have been got swept up with all the kitchen scraps while I was preparing Christmas dinner. We always feed leftovers to our sheep and then we spread their manure over the vegetable garden. I think you can imagine the journey the ring made!

Voice 2: Yes!

Voice 1: It’s amazing to have the ring back. But I'm not as slim as I was when I last wore it and it won't fit on my finger now. We are going to have it made a bit bigger. I don't want to lose it again, so I want to be able to wear it!

Voice 2: That's quite a story, Lena. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Voice 1: No problem. Actually, I've got the ring here in my bag. Would you like to see it?