SCRIPT: TREASURE [May 14, 2019]

The treasure hidden in a village house

John Millen |

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Jenny: Hi, Harry.  How have you been? I heard that your parents bought a new house recently. Where is it located?  

Harry: Oh yes! They bought a village house in Shek Mun Kap a few months ago, and we’ve been busy with the renovation work.

Jenny: Isn’t it far from your parents’ workplace?

Harry: Yes, but they won’t be living there any time soon. Mum and Dad bought the house for their retirement, and they plan to move into it much later.

Jenny: I wish I could do that, but I am still 40 years away from retirement. I still have a really long way to go before I retire! That said, why did your parents decide to buy a village house instead of a flat in the city?

Harry: They’ve lived in the city for more than 30 years, and wanted a change of scenery. Also, Dad used to be a builder. He’s got plenty of friends who are interior designers and they’ve offered to help him do up the place.

Jenny: That’s great. Did they have a hard time finding the house?

Harry: Yeah. They spent a long time looking and eventually found the property they wanted. Even though the house is old and neglected, my parents really like the quiet village. Also, it’s a walking distance from the Lantau Trail and they love hiking.

Jenny: That sounds amazing! How much did they pay for the house?

Harry: I’m not sure how much it costs, but Dad said they got an excellent deal on it. They got the house for a good price. Dad wouldn’t tell me how much they paid, but he was pleased. He loves the outdoors and is really looking forward to retiring in the countryside, but I think Mum is feeling hesitant about it.

Jenny: Why do you think so?

Harry: I don’t know how she will cope with the new lifestyle. Unlike Dad, she enjoys singing karaoke and goes out almost every day with her friends. Also, most of them live around town and have bunch together most weekends. They won’t be able to meet up as often when my parents move to Shek Mun Kap.

Jenny: I guess she’ll take a while to get used to the new place.

Harry: Yeah. Speaking of which, Mum said something interesting happened when she was there last weekend with the guys from the construction company.

Jenny: What happened?

Harry: They were knocking down a couple of walls in the kitchen when they found a small metal cash box inside one of the pillars. Guess what was in it!

Jenny: Cash? Jewellery? Gold?

Harry: There were over a hundred gold British sovereigns!  

Jenny: Oh wow! Do you mean the gold coins that were used during the time of Queen Victoria? They must be worth a lot of money!

Harry: You bet! I wanted to keep them, but Dad has passed them on to a friend who’s a lawyer to see if the coins are ours since we own the house. I’ll let you know when everything is sorted out.

Jenny: Cool! Keep me posted!