Script: Listening Exercise 156

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Voice: What does someone mean if they tell you 'you've got a face as long as a fiddle'? They’re saying that you look a bit sad and unhappy. 'Fiddle' is another word for 'violin'; if your face is as long as a violin, you're very miserable. Listen to these two conversations involving someone who has a face as long as a fiddle. First of all, Mr and Mrs Brown as they chat during dinner.

Mrs Brown: What's the matter with you this evening? You've hardly
said a word since you got home. You've got a face as long as a fiddle. Are you feeling okay?

Mr Brown: Sorry. Oh, it's just something that happened at work this morning. I'm okay really.

Mrs Brown: It's not like you to bring work problems home.

Mr Brown: I know. I shouldn't be such a worrier. You know the boss sort of promised me promotion to office manager at the end of next month.

Mrs Brown: Yes. You did tell me.

Mr Brown: Well, he announced at a meeting this morning that the company is going to advertise the position! I thought it was going to be mine.

Mrs Brown: Did your boss say anything to you?

Mr Brown: No. He just made that announcement to everyone. I
don't know what's going on.

Mrs Brown: It's no use worrying until you hear something definite about what his plans are for you. You could always go and have a word with him in private tomorrow.

Voice: Now let's listen to Eric and Jenny as they meet up for a chat at a coffee shop.

Jenny: Hi, James. Sorry I'm late.

Eric: Dont worry about it. I was happily listening to some music. I knew you'd call if you couldn't make it. Sit down. You don't look happy. Why the face as long as a fiddle?

Jenny: Oh, I don't want to bother you with my problems.

Eric: No, come on. Spill. You don't usually have a long face
like that! What's happened? I'm a very good listener, you know.

Jenny: Oh, it's my dear brother again. I think he's been asking mum for
money and she's been giving it to him without dad knowing.

Eric: Didn't your brother lose his job last month?

Jenny: No! He lost it over five months ago! And he’s been lying to mum and dad. He says he's been going to interviews for lots of jobs, but I know for a fact he hasn't. He’s done nothing at all about getting another job. I know he's running out of money. I saw mum secretly giving him a wad of notes the other night. I don't know what to do. Should I ask mum why she was giving him that money? Or should I confront him? It isn't right he should take money from mum! Why should she work to finance him? He's a lazy good-for-nothing. That's why I've got a long face. I'm angry and I don't know what to do.