Script: Listening Exercise 162

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Voice 1: Some of the most popular smoothies and fruit juices available in supermarkets and coffee shops are not what the label says. Speciality juices such as mango, passion fruit and kiwi fruit often contain a significant amount of cheap apple juice. The labelling doesn't say 'mango and apple', but that's what it is. We are being conned.

Voice 2: Leading fruit juice manufacturers, including Jupiter Juice and
Fruitful, are among those companies guilty of indcluding large amounts of cheap apple juice in these "trophical" products. The ingredient in the drink's name can make up just ten percent of what is in the carton or bottle.

Voice 1: The manufacturers say that they state how much apple juice is in the product, but this is always in very small print on the ingredients list.

Voice 2: We checked the fruit contents of some of the most popular juices on supermarket shelves. This is what are found out.

Voice 1: Jupiter mango and passion fruit juice contains eighty-three per cent apple juice with just four per cent passion fruit and thirteen per cent mango.

Voice 2: Leafy strawberry and blueberry juice is eighty-five per cent apple, twelve per cent strawberry and three per cent blueberry. The carton says the contents include three apples, three strawberries and five blueberries.

Voice 1: Coolberry mango and kiwi smoothie contains just nine per cent
mango and five percent kiwi. This is diluted with apple juice.

Voice 2: Cloudfruit's strawberry and mango smoothie contains only four
percent of each of the fruits in its name. The rest is apple.

Voice 1: Pink Wave's blackcurrant and banana variety contains two per cent blackcurrant and eight per cent banana. Apple juice makes up the remainder.

Voice 2: None of the five juice drinks we looked at featured a picture of an apple on the carton or on the label on the front of the bottle. And not one of them included 'apple' in the product name despite it being the main ingredient of the drink.

Voice 1: A spokesman for Coolberry Juices told us that apple juice was
blended with fruit such as strawberry, mango and kiwi fruit to thin the consistency of the juice. He added that the name on the product carton or bottle reflected what the drink tasted of not what was in it. He said it would be misleading to customers to call a juice 'mango and apple' when the juice tastes of mango.

Voice 2: There is nothing wrong with drinking a fruit juice made up eighty-seven percent apple juice, nine per cent mango and four per cent passion fruit juice, in fact it is a delicious and healthy thing to do. But are the public so stupid that they would not want the drink if the true contents were shown in the name? Obviously, juice manufacturers think so.

Voice 1: So if you want a delicious glass of pure mango juice, the only thing to do is squeeze your own.