SCRIPT: YOU NAILED IT! [Oct 9, 2019]

Together we make a strong team!

John Millen |

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Donna: I’m so proud of you. You nailed it! You absolutely nailed it.

Dan: Thanks for supporting me.

Donna: I did nothing. It was you who did all the talking, and you were brilliant.

Dan: I sure hope so. Let’s not count our chickens before they’re hatched. Nothing is certain yet. Janet Wu from 5H and Tommy Chan from 6B haven’t pitched their proposals, and they’ve got excellent ideas too

Donna: Well, neither of them are as organised and professional as you are.

Dan: Who knows? They might have better ideas for the school magazine too. I hope Mrs Lam makes her mind up about the next editor soon. The school magazine is quite old-fashioned at the moment and is behind on all the latest news and trends. It needs to be brought up to date. Also, we need to have an online magazine.

Donna: I think Mrs Lam agreed with you when you talked about how you’d like to revamp the magazine. I noticed how she actually smiled and nodded her head. And when did Mrs Lam last smile? A hundred years ago?

Dan: Ha ha! I know, right! She’s infamous for that poker face of hers. You can never tell if she is happy or upset about something.

Donna: That’s true. I hope Mrs Lam didn’t think I was stupid because I didn’t say anything.

Dan: Of course she didn’t. And besides, each candidate was

allowed to take one person into the interview with them. 

 Besides, I’ve put down in the application form that you  would be my deputy editor if I’m selected for the position.  It’s both of us or nothing. 

Donna: Awww … this means a lot to me. Thank you!

Dan: I also included in the form that both of us want to study creative writing or journalism in university. Speaking of which, Mrs Lam might want to have look at our portfolio though. How many of your poems have been published in the magazine so far?

Donna: About five, I think. A few of my film reviews were also published in the magazine. 

Dan: So, together we make a strong team to take the school magazine forward. I know that Mrs Lam and the other members of the teaching staff think the magazine is an important part of the school’s culture.

Donna: But its readership has been dropping, and a drastic makeover is needed if the magazine is to survive. It’s no use producing something that students find boring. And you definitely got your point across to Mrs Lam very well.

Dan: Thanks. Now all we can do is wait for her to make a decision. 

Donna: So, good luck to both of us.  Let’s hope we don’t have to wait too long.

Dan: Yes.  Fingers crossed!