Lizzie and her brother George are at home when they hear a loud banging sound

John Millen |

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Lizzie:      Turn the volume down, George. 

George:    Why?  This is the best part of the film.

Lizzie:      Please, just turn the volume down for a minute.

George:    Alright …   

Lizzie:      Did you hear that? The banging sound next door?

George:    Banging?  That’s just what’s on TV. 

Lizzie:      No. It wasn't.  It came from next door. It sounded like someone’s banging on the wall. There ... there it is again! You must have heard it this time.

George:    Geez! You’re hearing things. 

Lizzie:      No! I’m certain there’s something going on next door.

George:    They’re probably doing repairs.

Lizzie:      Not at this hour. And also, there’s no one at home. The Cheungs are away on holiday visiting Mrs Cheung’s sister in Australia.  She told me last week when I was chatting to her in the lift. 

George:    Please, Lizzie.  Can I just watch … oh … okay, you’re right. I can hear a faint rapping on the wall.

Lizzie:      I told you!

George:    What was that?!  Did you hear a shrieking sound?

Lizzie:      I think you should go over and find out what’s going on.  I don’t like this at all. For all you know, someone might be in danger.

George:    Nah.  What happens next door is none of our business.  Can we just go back to watching the film? Oh ... that’s odd. Why is the screen flickering? It was fine earlier. Now it’s playing the film backwards. Lizzie, do you have the remote?

Lizzie:      You are holding it. Oh great! And now the lights are off. The fuse box must have tripped. Can you reset it?

George:    Hold on. There’s a banging sound again, but it’s coming from above this time. I’ll go upstairs and check it out. I’ll be right back.    

Lizzie:      George, look at the TV. It’s changing channels by itself and I hear someone humming. The room has suddenly turned cold and we’re in the middle of summer. This is really creeping me out. I’m coming with you.   

George:    You’re right. Either way, I’ll call the concierge and find out what’s going on before we jump to conclusions. Where’s your phone?

Lizzie:      Here you go.

George:    The battery’s dead.

Lizzie:      No. It can’t be. I charged it just before we sat down to watch the film. I’m seriously freaking out now. George! Someone’s smashing up things in the kitchen … crikey! I swore I just saw a strange shadow darting into the corner. Let’s get out of here RIGHT NOW!