My pet went missing!

John Millen |

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Voice (male):  Good morning.

Lucy: Good morning, Sir.  My name is Lucy and I’d like to file a report.

Voice (male):  Sure, what is this about?

Lucy: I’ve come to report our missing pet dog. We have done everything we can to find Monty, and we don’t know what else to do. 

Voice (male):  Ohhh… have you checked with a local dog rescue centre? Someone might have found it and brought it there instead.

Lucy: We’ve been to the three dog rescue centres in town, and nothing.  So I thought I
would try the police station.

Voice (male): Well, let’s see what we can do.  What sort of a dog is it?

Lucy: It is a he!  And he’s called Monty.  He’s a Jack Russell.

Voice (male): A Jack Russell?  I’m afraid I’m not a dog person.  I don’t know one dog breed from another.  What’s a Jack Russell like?

Lucy: He’s small.  He’s got a white body with light brown and black markings on his head. 
Monty is really energetic and barks a lot. He’s a very friendly dog and likes to play with strangers.

Voice (male): Right.  I’ve got that.  And how did you lose him?  Did he run off when you took him out for a walk?

Lucy: No.  He just vanished from the flat after he had his dinner.   

Voice (male): Hmmm … How did he get out of the flat?  Did someone leave the front door open?

Lucy: No.  We never leave the door open. We’ve also searched all his favourite hiding places and simply can’t find him. He likes to sleep under our beds, next to the washing machine, and inside my wardrobe.  

Voice (male): Have you asked your neighbours if they have seen him in the neighbourhood?

Lucy: That was the first thing we did when we realised Monty went missing.  We have
asked everyone in our building, and no one has seen him. Mrs Lee next door was very curt when I spoke to her. She also seemed happy that Monty’s missing. She’s always complaining that Monty is too noisy and his barking disturbs her. She must really dislike dogs.

Voice (male): Yes ... um ..... well.  How long has he been missing? 

Lucy: Four days.  We have searched all over the neighbourhood. Mum took two days off work and was out searching everywhere.  We have put up a notice and a photo of Monty on the noticeboard in our building lobby, but haven’t heard from anyone. We are all very upset.

Voice (male): I am sure you are.

Lucy: Maybe Monty has been kidnapped.

Voice (male): Let’s not jump to conclusions so soon. Also, you said he’s a noisy dog, and I’m sure he would surely have barked very loudly if a stranger had tried to pick him up.

Lucy: He would have made a big fuss, that’s true.

Voice (male): We’ll be sure to look into this. And now, could you give me your full name, address and phone number?