Jonny Boy’s brings together the six best fruit sandwiches from cafe and bakeries all over town

John Millen |

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Voice 1:    We are pleased to announce the opening of Jonny Boy’s pop-up store in town. Remember the name. You’re going to love us. The store will be open for the next three months. 

Voice 2:    Jonny Boy’s brings together the six best fruit sandwiches from cafe and bakeries all over town. Our first sandwich is from Strawberry Bakery which opened its doors to the public just two months ago. And guess what? There are no strawberries in its best-selling “Happy Fruit Sandwich”.  The sandwich comprises a delightful combination of whipped cream and assortment of mangoes, bananas, and kiwi tucked between two slices of thick, fluffy bread.

Voice 1:    Also, the bread is baked every day at Strawberry Bakery so that it does not soak up the cream and become soggy.

Voice 1:    Next on our list is Spresso cafe. You can choose between fifteen different types of mascarpone and fruit sandwich at Spresso coffee shop. We tried the banana, peach and grape sandwich, and were pleasantly surprised by how well the thinly sliced white bread goes with the filling of fresh fruit and mascarpone.

Voice 2:    Brian’s Bakery puts a spin on their fruit sando by only having one fruit in their sandwich. Their specialty pear sandwich is made of paper thin pear slices assembled with clotted cream on both sides. While it might not be as Instagrammable as the other sandwiches, it’s absolutely delicious.

Voice 1:    Just like Strawberry Bakery, the pear sandwich at Brian’s is made with freshly baked bread, and is only available after nine in the morning, an hour and a half after the bakery opens.

Voice 2:    We’re also selling two types of fruit sando from Cafe Mylo.   The first one is their pear, peach and grape sandwich. Cafe Mylo uses milk bread directly imported from Japan, and their special homemade whipped cream. The second one is their popular Red Velvet Sandwich, which consists of strawberry and raspberry and cherry. Both sandwiches are sure to be well-received by the office lunch crowd.   

Voice 2:    And the last fruit sando is from Bakery Plus.  Their fruit sandwich is all about the volume, with chunky slices of apple, banana, pomelo, strawberry and kiwi all stuffed right in between two very thin slices of toast. 

Voice 1:    Although each of the cafes and bakeries we sell from has its own spin on this popular treat, all these fruit sandwiches have something in common: they’re the perfect balance of fresh fruit, cream, and bread. So come by Jonny Boy’s and pick up a couple of our tasty sandos!

Voice 2:    And why are we called Jonny Boy’s? Well, that’s because John Montagu, the fourth Earl of Sandwich invented the snack. He was playing cards and did not want to leave the gaming table to eat. He then asked for a serving of roast beef to be placed between two slices of bread so he could eat with his hands. And that’s how the first sandwich came about!