On George’s first day at his new job, he is introduced to the people he will be working with

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Jenny:           Welcome to the team, George. As you may have noticed when you were here for your interview three weeks ago, we have an open-plan office. Mr Chan, our managing director, has his own room. The rest of the team works in this open space.

George:         Brilliant! We were all stuck in small offices the size of broom cupboards in my former workplace. My office didn’t even have a window, and I had a light on all the time. This space is really light and friendly in comparison.

Jenny:           Good. Let me tell you who’s who in the office before introducing you to the team.

George:         That’d be great. Thank you.

Jenny:           Over there by the window, we have Sun-ming who manages our IT systems and website. He’s the person to go to whenever you have a computer problem. Sun-ming’s famous for his funky outfits and impressive collection of ties. Even though we have a casual dress code here, he always wears a shirt and tie. The polka dot one he’s put on today is one of his favourites.

George:         Oh cool! I like Sun-ming’s dress sense.

Jenny:           Next to him, we have Veronica who is in charge of marketing. She is responsible for promoting and advertising our products and services. Sitting across her is Brian, our head of finance and your manager. He oversees the company’s finances. 

George:         Got it.

Jenny:           The two people sitting in the middle of the room are our part-time office clerks, Lucy and Kwok-wai. They take care of general office matters such as basic bookkeeping, filing documents, and responding to general enquiries and emails.

George:         I see. How often do they come into the office?

Jenny:           Lucy comes into the office five days a week while Kwok-wai’s only here on Mondays. And sitting next to the water cooler is Jane, who is in charge of sales. She is really good at her job and we often joke that she could sell ice cubes to Eskimos.

George:         Ha ha! Yes, I remember Jane. She was on the interview panel, and I enjoyed talking to her.

Jenny:           She’s really friendly too. My work station is next to Jane. As the office manager, I try to keep things in the office running smoothly and efficiently. We are a small, tight-knit team and everyone gets on well.

George:         That’s fantastic. In my previous job, everyone was confined in their little room and we didn’t really get to mingle around and know each other.

Jenny:           You will find things very different here. Oh! And there’s Liam who just came in. He’s Mr Chan’s secretary. Liam is our youngest employee and a huge Disney fan. Before I forget, the empty desk right next to where Liam is standing right now is your work station. All right, now it’s time to meet the team.