Script: I'd like my money back

Ray recently bought a new badminton racket in the sale. But after playing a couple of matches, he noticed that the stitching around the edge of the frame was starting to come undone. He took the racket back to the shop where he’d bought it.

John Millen |

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Ray: Good morning. Could you help me please?

Sales person: Good morning. Of course. What can I do for you, sir?

Ray: I bought this badminton racket here a couple of weeks ago. A young lady served me.

Sales person: That would be Katy, sir. She doesn’t work on Tuesdays, but I’m sure I can help. Is there a problem?

Ray: There most certainly is. Just look here. You can see quite clearly what the problem is. The stitching around the frame is starting to come undone. This is a reliable brand. I’ve used their rackets before. I expect better workmanship than this.

Sales person: Was the racket on sale, sir, or did you pay full price?

Ray: It was on sale for half the usual price. But what difference does that make? I don’t expect to buy faulty goods from you, no matter what I pay.

Sales person: Of course not, sir. Do you have the receipt?

Ray: I do. And the credit card receipt.

Sales person: I think that you’ll find that you paid cash if the item was on sale. We don’t accept credit card for sales items.

Ray: Ah, yes. That’s right, I remember, I did pay cash. Yes, here’s the receipt. Anyway, I’ve brought the racket back to you because it’s obviously faulty, and I’d like my money back.

Sales person: I’m sorry sir, but we don’t give cash refunds under any circumstances.

Ray: That’s ridiculous. You sold me a faulty item. I am simply asking for my money back. That’s not an unreasonable request, I think.

Sales person: We still have those rackets in stock. We can do a straight exchange.

Ray: No, thank you. I don’t want another racket. I simply want my money back.

Sales person: I can’t help you with that, sir. It’s against company policy.

Ray: That’s ludicrous! Is the manager available? I’d like to speak to him or her, please.

Sales person: Our manager will tell you the same thing.

Ray: Nonetheless.

Sales person: Very well, sir. I’ll go get him.

(short pause)

Manager: Hello. I’m the store manager. How may I help you?

Ray: I bought this badminton racket here recently. And as you can see, the stitching is starting to come undone. I paid cash when I bought it, and I simply want my money back.

Manager: Let me take a look please, sir. Oh, this is no problem at all. I’ll send your racket to our repairs department and they will fix it in no time at all. There will be no charge.

Ray: Fix it? I don’t want it fixing. You don’t seem to understand what I am saying. This is a new racket. It must be faulty for the stitching to have come undone like this. I don’t want you to mend it, and I don’t want another racket. I am simply asking for a cash refund.

Manager: Have you used the racket, sir?

Ray: I have used it twice. It was after the second time yesterday that I noticed the stitching. I came straight back to you today.

Manager: It is not our policy to refund money. I think I am offering you two reasonable alternatives. And I am very sorry this situation has occurred.

Ray: I don’t accept what you are saying at all. This is terrible customer service. I am not leaving this shop until you refund me my money.

As a customer, I have certain rights and I would like to discuss these with someone at your head office. I can assure you that I will not be patronising your store again nor will anyone else from my sports club – we have hundreds of members. The ball is now in your court. What are you going to do to fix this?