SCRIPT & AUDIO: What’s Wrong With Mr Why? [Feb 5, 2020]

Mr Wai has been cranky all week and his wife wants to know what’s wrong. Is he having issues with his new boss or is his tooth giving him problems again?

John Millen |

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Mrs Why:        You’re in a crabby mood again this morning. What’s the matter with you?

Mr Why:         You’re imagining things.  Can you pass me the milk for my coffee, please?

Mrs Why:        Sure. Now, please don’t avoid the topic. You’ve been cranky all week. You’ve been scowling since yesterday evening and hardly said a word during dinner. What’s going on?

Mr Why:         I had a bit of a headache last night.  I told you.

Mrs Why:        But it’s unlike you to take it on our son. You were so impatient with Jason yesterday when all he wanted was to tell you about his day at school. 

Mr Why:         Well, he was being difficult and complaining about his classmates again. He needed a strong word.

Mrs Why:        Fine. I’m not going to argue with you.  I just want to know what’s bothering you and why you’re so grouchy. Is something going on at work?  Do you have any issue with your new boss?

Mr Why:         Everything’s great at work.  Will you please just leave me alone?

Mrs Why:        I’m worried. That’s all. You are not your usual self.

Mr Why:         Oh, please don’t turn on the waterworks again.

Mrs Why:        If there is something troubling you – and I think there is – you should talk about it with me.

Mr Why:         Can you please stop your meaningless interrogation? I just want to enjoy my breakfast before another long day at work.

Mrs Why:        I knew it! It’s problems at work, isn’t it?  Last year, you were in a foul mood for a whole week when you found out you didn’t get a promotion.

Mr Why:         Look! Things are okay at work. It’s just that I’ve not been feeling well these days.

Mrs Why:        What do you mean? Is your tooth giving you problems again?

Mr Why:         No. Okay, I’ll tell you if you promise not to make a huge fuss about it 

Mrs Why:        All right.

Mr Why:         I’ve got this pain on the right side of my chest that comes and goes quite often. 

Mrs Why:        Hmmm … you might have pulled a muscle.

Mr Why:         If it was that, I’ll be in pain every time I move.  And that’s not the case.

Mrs Why:        Let’s not make any assumptions. I’ll make an appointment for you at the doctor’s and see what he says. Don’t worry too much for now.

Mr Why:         You’re right. And … I’m sorry I’ve been in a bad mood because of this.