How about a movie or beach barbecue? Both Maggie and Jenny are up for it, but they have a lot on their plate ...

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Conversation 1

Peter:       We’ve not hung out since Zoe’s birthday. Do you fancy going to the cinema or out to dinner sometime soon?  A new pizzeria has opened near my place. A few of the guys at work have been there and they highly recommended the place.

Maggie:    Sounds good! I can’t remember the last time I went to a good pizza place.

Peter:       So, when are you free next week?

Maggie:    Hmm …

Peter:       Are you also up for a movie? I really need a good night out.

Maggie:    Well, actually …..

Peter:       Oh! Speaking of which, I just got a text from Alex. He says there’s a new film on at the moment called Knives Out.  He says it’s the best film he’s seen in ages.  It’s a murder mystery about a tycoon getting bumped off and every member of his family becomes a murder suspect.  He says there’s a twist at the very end. What do you think?

Maggie:    I don’t know …

Peter:       Which do you prefer? Pizza or movie? I’m available all of next week apart from Thursday as I need to visit my grandad at the hospital.

Maggie:    Sorry, Peter. I won’t be free next week.  I’m snowed under at work and I’ll have to stay at the office late every day until we get things sorted out.

Peter:       What happened?

Maggie:    Last month two of my colleagues resigned and we haven’t been able to find suitable replacements. This has put the rest of the team under pressure and we are snowed under with work.

Peter:       I’m sorry to hear that. I suppose you’re rushing to meet deadlines?

Maggie:    Yep. We have to finish two design projects by next Wednesday and present the proposals to our clients next Friday. One is the interior of a stationery shop in that new shopping mall near the airport, and the other is a small local cafe.

Peter:       Sure sounds like you’ve got a lot on your plate. All the best for your projects!

Maggie:    Thanks! It should get better when we’ve sorted them out. We can meet up for a movie and dinner after that.


Conversation 2

George:    Do you fancy joining us for a beach barbecue on Saturday? 

Jenny:      I’d love to, but I really can’t.  I’m snowed under with school            stuff.

George:    Snowed under?  What’s going on?  We haven’t got any exams this term.

Jenny:      I’ve taken on a lot of stuff this semester.  I’m the editor of the school magazine, and I’ve got my hands full right now meeting deadlines. We’ve also got an important badminton match coming up and I must get some practice this weekend.  I’m not in good form at the moment and I don’t want to let the team down.

George:    Wow! You’re as busy as a beaver.

Jenny:      That’s not all. I need to learn my lines for an upcoming school play. We had a rehearsal two days ago and I was the only one who had to refer to the script. So, I’m afraid I really am swamped at the moment.

George:    No problem. We can always catch up another day.