VIDEO: Saving Patua, Macau’s dying language [March 13, 2020]

Patua is a critically endangered language that is unique to the former Portuguese colony

Doris Wai |

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Watch the video and answer questions 1-10 

1. What is the aim of this video?
2. For each word or phrase given below, find its SYNONYM at the beginning of the video.  (3 marks) 
(i) particular to _________________ 
(ii) facing extinction _________________ 
(iii) in earlier times _________________ 
3. Languages used in the music video: 
(i) __________________________ 
(ii) __________________________
(iii) __________________________ 
(iv) __________________________ 


4. Macau’s demographics: Those of Portuguese-Chinese ancestry are the (i) __________________ in Macau while the Chinese make up the (ii) __________________  of the population.  

5. According to the video, which of the following is NOT part of Macau’s historical legacy? 
A. It attracts five times as many tourists as Las Vegas.   
B. Many Portuguese stayed in Macau after World War II. 
C. It is located next to Hong Kong.  
D. all of the above   
6. Why is Macau known as the “home of the first fusion food”? 


7. Signature dishes in Aida and Sonia’s restaurant:
(i) Dish: ________________ 

Main ingredient: ________________
(ii) Dish: ________________ 

       Main ingredient: ________________
8. Based on the video, are the following statements True, False or Not Given? (4 marks)  
(i) There are plans to demolish most of the remaining colonial buildings in Macau.
(ii) Aida and Sonia’s restaurant is known for their modern take on traditional Macanese food. 
(iii) Social media has helped Macanese around the world to maintain a tight network. 
(iv) Most Macanese people identify more with their Portuguese heritage. 

9. What two aspects of Macanese heritage does Sonia hope to preserve through the dance troupe? 


10. Listen to the end of the video (3:47-4:37). How does Sonia feel about the future of the theatre troupe?
A. concerned 
B. indifferent 
C. optimistic
D. cynical