VIDEO: How Jollibee became one of the world's biggest Asian fast food companies [April 1, 2020]

Doris Wai |

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Watch the video and answer questions 1-10 

1. Summary of video: 
The president of Jollibee Food Corporation talks about the (i) __________ of the fast food franchise and how its founders turned an ice cream business into a (ii) __________ empire with its bestselling product, the (iii) __________. 

2. What prompted Tony Tan and his wife to expand the menu in their ice cream parlours? 

3. Which word or phrase in the video implies the hamburgers were much more profitable than the ice cream?

4. What do the following numbers in the first half of the video (0:00-1:33) refer to? (3 marks)
(i) 1,150: ___________________________________
(ii) 15: _____________________________________
(iii) 1981: __________________________________

5. How do most people respond when Dennis Flores tells them where he works?
A. They feel sorry for him because the company is in decline.
B. They recognise it immediately because they know the company very well.
C. They think he should find another job because they dislike the company.
D. They are in shock and disbelief because the company has a bad reputation. 

6. Listen to the first part of the video (0:56-1:24). Why was it easy for Jollibee to enter the fast food industry in 1981? 

7. What sort of requests does Dennis Flores get most often?
A. improvement of Jollibee’s fried chicken recipe 
B. a job at one of Jollibee’s fast food franchise
C. a chance to meet his bosses 
D. new Jollibee outlets

8. Listen to the end of the video (2:46–3:03). What does “It” in the sentence “It is priceless” refer to? 

9. Ways Jollibee’s customers show they are invested in the fast food chain:
(i) ________________________________________
(ii) _______________________________________
(iii) _______________________________________

10. Which section of an online magazine are you most likely to find this video?
A. food and drink
B. health and wellness
C. cooking
D. entertainment

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