SCRIPT: How Jollibee became one of the world's biggest Asian fast food companies [April 1, 2020]

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[1] Dennis Flores: Jollibee is by far the most dominant QSR (quick service restaurant) brand in the Philippines today. Its store network of 1,150 is more than the combined total of its next two competitors’ store networks.

[2] It was 1975, when our founder Mr Tony Tan Cakitong, along with his wife, Grace, opened two small ice cream parlours in Manila. As more and more customers were asking for warm meals, the family decided to serve sandwiches and burgers, and soon the hamburgers were outselling the ice cream, and Jollibee was born.

[3] Jollibee has expanded gradually over the years. We have 234 Jollibee outlets outside the Philippines in 15 countries. Fried chicken is a very popular product in the Philippines. You see fried chicken restaurants in almost every corner in the Philippines. And we developed our own. That was way back in 1981 when it was first introduced.

[4] Commercial: This, you got to try. Jollibee Chicken Joy. Like all Jollibee products, Chicken Joy has the famous Jollibee cooked in taste.

[5] Dennis Flores: The main difference is nobody has ever tasted fried chicken as good as Jollibee’s fried chicken. Chicken Joy is our number one product among the flagships, and it’s the best seller everywhere in the world.

[6] It’s actually very heartwarming to see the reactions of people when I tell them that I work for Jollibee. Jollibee, as you know, is a brand that they grew up with. They feel they have a very strong attachment to the brand. They love the brand so much such that everywhere I go around the world, when there is no Jollibee store there, they always plead [to have one].

[7] They even have a group of people, come to the embassy, want to meet with me and ask me if we can open a Jollibee store in a particular city in that country. That’s how much the brand means to them.

[8] It feels like the customers we have, the Filipinos, own a part of Jollibee. They give you suggestions on how we should run the store, what menu we should have, how service should be dispensed. It is priceless. 


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