LISTENING ANSWERS: How Jollibee became one of the world's biggest Asian fast food companies [April 1, 2020]

Doris Wai |

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1. (i) history

(ii) fried chicken

(iii) Jollibee Chicken Joy

2. Many customers asked for warm meals.

3. outselling

4. (i) number of Jollibee stores in the Philippines

(ii) number of countries in which Jollibee has stores outside the Philippines

(iii) when the Jollibee Chicken Joy was developed/introduce in the Philippines

5. B

6. Fried chicken was already a very popular product in the Philippines.

7. D

8. how Filipinos show their love for the brand/how Filipinos show they own a part of the Jollibee

9. They give suggestions on how the stores should be run. / They suggest items to include in the menu. / They give suggestions regarding customer service.

10. A

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