5 Minute Listening: Home From Uni


Jack, a university student, is going home for two weeks and there are so many people who want to catch up with him

John Millen |

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Mum:   What day do you finish school?

Jack:   My last lecture's next Tuesday morning.

Mum:   So you will be home on the … 18th?

Jack:   Tuesday’s the 19th. 

Mum:   Right.

Jack:   I have to attend the film society’s annual committee meeting on Wednesday morning.

Mum:   Oh! You’ve not booked your flight yet? I hope you can get a seat. You’re leaving it a bit late, aren’t you?

Jack:   I’ve just checked online, and there are still lots of seats available for the end of the week. I haven’t decided whether to fly on Thursday or Friday.

Mum:   Why not? 

Jack:   I just haven’t made up my mind.

Mum:   Is there something you’re not telling me?

Jack:   Stop overthinking, Mum! I just haven’t made up my mind yet. 

Mum:   You’re usually much better organised than that. You’ve always booked your flight home for summer break weeks in advance.

Jack:   Mum! You are making a mountain out of a molehill.

Mum:   Well, you’re only going to be back for two weeks and there are so many people who want to catch up with you. You should have known!  

Jack:   Relax, Mum!

Mum:   Your Aunt Donna is flying in from Sydney just to see you.  She hasn’t seen you since you went away to university.

Jack:   Oh, no! Aunt Donna is staying at our place again? And she’s not bringing her awful two kids, is she?

Mum:   Don’t be rude! Your cousins are not awful!  And Donna is going to stay in a hotel. She has other friends in town that she wants to spend time with.

Jack:   Thank goodness for that. She tires me out with her non-stop chatter. I’m coming home for a rest, not to entertain others. It’s been a hard term and I really want to relax when I’m home. 

Mum:  Before I forget, please set a day aside when you’re back to meet Cindy.

Jack:   Cindy?

Mum: Your secondary school classmate, remember? She carried a torch for you for five years.  

I bumped into her mother in a coffee shop last week and told her you were coming home at the end of school term, and that both of you could perhaps catch up.

Jack:   Good grief! That obnoxious Cindy Lam! You know very well that I can’t stand the sight of her, and I certainly have no intention of meeting her.

Mum:   You’ll never know!

Jack:   Seriously, Mum. I am coming home to see you and Dad and Grandma, and that is it. Besides, it’s Gran’s birthday on the 26th, and I would like to bring her out for dinner. 

Mum:   Gran will like that.

Jack:   Yeah, but do not invite anyone else. I will lock myself in my room if you do.

Mum:  Very well, dear. But I will have to ask Aunt Donna. Now, what day did you say you were flying home?