VIDEO: MaLa Project: Interview with Amelie Kang [April 27, 2020]

  • This week's video is about the founder of a Sichuan-style restaurant that is taking New York City by storm.
  • Make sure to check out the answers and script as well.
Doris Wai |

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Watch the video and answer questions 1-10 

1. Restaurant profile: MaLa Project

It was founded by (i) __________. MaLa Project specialises in a type of Chinese (ii)  __________. The owner hopes to change stereotypes of Chinese food in America with its authentic flavors from her (iii) __________.

2. Main ingredients used in zhajiangmian (circle the correct options).

cucumber / noodles / sweet bean sauce / chilli flakes / pork 

3. Why might Amelie feel nostalgic whenever she eats zhajiang noodles? 

4. What word in the video means “to cook something by keeping it almost at boiling point”?

5. According to Amelie, what two opposing flavours is one likely to find when eating zhajiang noodles? 

6. Why did Amelie move to New York?

  • A. to open a restaurant 
  • B. to hone her cooking skills
  • C. to find out the origins of a childhood dish
  • D. to learn English  

7. Listen to the middle of the video (1:17-1:56). Why does the interior of Mala Project’s premises remind Amelie of her childhood?  

8. What spices are used in the mala dry pot?

  • A. shredded cucumber, carrots, garlic shoots  
  • B. red chillies, cinnamon, ginger
  • C. peppercorn, star anise, bay leaves  
  • D. information not given

9. How has the culinary scene in the United States evolved?______________________________________________

10. Which section of a food blog are you most likely to find this video?

  • A. up-and-coming chefs
  • B. comfort food
  • C. northern Chinese cuisine
  • D. Michelin-starred restaurants

Click here for the script

Click here for the answers 

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