5 Minute Listening: PROMISES! PROMISES!

Aisha and Chi-keung are having a chat. What are they discussing? What’s going on?

John Millen |

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Chi-keung: How long are you going to be away?

Aisha: Two weeks.  Well … to be exact, seventeen days. 

Chi-keung: Is your mum coming over to look after Patch like she did back in January?

Aisha: No. She can’t. She fell down a short flight of steps when she was out walking with Dad in the park, and broke her ankle a couple of months ago. She had the cast taken off last week, but has to go to physiotherapy twice a week.

Chi-keung: Oh, I’m sorry to hear about that.

Aisha: Thankfully, she’s okay now, but it was a shock when it happened. Anyway, I’m sending Patch to a pet hotel next to my office building instead.  A couple of colleagues highly recommend it.

Chi-keung: How much is it a night at the pet hotel?

Aisha: Three hundred dollars.

Chi-keung: What! That’s a rip off. I don’t think Patch will like being stuck in a pet hotel anyway. I’ve got a much better idea, and it won’t cost you anything. 

Aisha: Which is?

Chi-keung: Why don’t you have Patch stay with me whilst you’re away.

Aisha: Thanks for the offer, but I’ll pass.

Chi-keung: Or I can move into your place. I’m sure we’ll get on fine. Plus look how much money you’d save!

Aisha: Well … the last time you stayed over, you let get on the bed even though I told you specifically not to do so.

Chi-keung: I promise it won’t happen again.              

Aisha: And you gave Patch bits of food off your plate.  It took me months to train him not to expect treats when I’m eating. He’s on a strict diet because of health issues, and can’t have sugary food.

Chi-keung: I promise I won’t do that either. You can give me a “dos and don’ts” list. Look, I’d really like to take care of Patch when you are away. I promise you I’ll do exactly as you tell me.

Aisha: Really?

Chi-keung: You know you can count on me. I promise I will take him for a walk before I go to work every morning, and as soon as I get home at night. I’ll even pop back during my lunch break to make sure he’s okay. 

Aisha: Thank you. Well … I must admit Patch’s really fond of you.

Chi-keung: You know how much I love golden retrievers and my landlord doesn’t allow me to keep any pets. Besides, think of the money you’ll save if I look after him!

Aisha: Let me think about it.

Chi-keung: I promise you everything will go well. I promise I will be a very responsible dog carer and not leave Patch tied to a lamppost outside the supermarket like I did the other time. 

Aisha: Huh? What do you mean?

Chi-keung: Er … I’d just popped into the shop for a few things and forgot I had Patch with me. I realised it on my way home and raced back to the supermarket to get him. He was sitting patiently on the pavement anyway, no harm done.

Aisha: You did what?!  Well, I’d better think twice after that little piece of information!