LISTENING ANSWERS: Meet the world’s youngest DJ: 4-year-old Archie Norbury [May 11, 2020]

  • This week's video is about a four-year-old music prodigy 
  • Now check your answers!
Doris Wai |

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1. (i) Archie Norbury

(ii) disc jockey/DJ (any 1)

2. DJ Archie

3. C

4. Archie becoming a DJ

5. His told his son not to touch his DJ equipment but Archie did the exact opposite.

6. B

7. C

8. (i) NG

(ii) F

(iii) T

9. (i) strange

(ii) in time

(iii) in tune with

10. (i) most gifted; youngest

(ii) convinced; unconvinced/unsure (any 1)

(iii) unlikely; likely/quick (any 1)

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