SCRIPT: Meet the world’s youngest DJ: 4-year-old Archie Norbury [May 11, 2020]

  • This week's video is about a four-year-old music prodigy 
  • If you need extra help with this week's story, you can read the script.
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[1] Archie Norbury: I’m DJ Archie, and I’m four years old. My favourite music is drum and bass.  

[2] John Norbury: What do your friends at school think about you being a DJ?

[3] Archie Norbury: They said when they get the fliers, then they wanted to come.

[4] John Norbury:  Oh, they want to come and watch you DJ.

[5] Archie Norbury: I like the dancing.

[6] It started, sort of, early part of last year. I’ve DJ’ed for a fair while, so I always have music set up. From two-and-a-half to three, he just stood there and watched me. And you know reverse psychology, it must be. I was telling him, “Don’t touch my expensive equipment”.

[7] And one day, I heard music and he [had] turned all my equipment on and he was just doing it. He was cutting with the controller and using the crossfader, and everything was perfectly in time. And that was the strange thing you know, to see that he was really in tune with the music and you could just see how he was moving his body. From there I show him a few little bits [and] started naming parts of the controls to help him to navigate the music a bit better. 

[8] Archie Norbury: These are to make the noises. These make the new tracks.

[9] Camera crew: How about those wheels? What do they do? They look cool.

[10] John Norbury: He tends to hear things in a very different way. The way that he manipulates the music without rules that adults have. He does things sometimes that sound really good, that shouldn’t sound good. He’s really creative.

[11] Text on screen: DJ Archie is now the youngest club DJ according to Guinness World Records. He wants to be a professional DJ when he grows up.

[12] John Norbury: You know what kids are like. They change their mind like the wind. So right now you might want to be a DJ, the next year he might want to ride a motorbike. I just think that it maybe would open some more doors that would allow him to continue on it. But we are really open to anything, really.

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