SCRIPT: Hong Kong’s pizza chefs get creative...with mixed results

  • SCMP’s Jude Law and Chieu Luu chowed down some of the city’s trendiest pizzas to find out if they are indeed slice-worthy
  • If you need extra help with this week’s story, you can read the script
Doris Wai |

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[1] Chieu: Hi, I’m Chieu from the South China Morning Post. And I’m very excited today. I have a very special guest. Ladies and gentlemen, Jude Law!

[2] Jude Law: Hey, Chieu.

[3] Chieu: Now, just for the record, Jude – your parents named you Jude Law.

[4] Jude Law: That’s right.

[5] Chieu: I’ve never met anybody who doesn’t like pizza. But in Hong Kong, some pizza toppings are a bit … peculiar.

[6] Jude Law: Yeah, sometimes we can get a little bit creative and we put whatever is trendy on top of the pizza.

[7] Chieu: And here we have some salted egg pizza. I think the salted egg is actually in the crust.

[8] Jude Law: Ahhh. So this is it, right?

[9] Chieu: Yeah, I think. I taste it. The salted egg is on the bottom of the crust here. What do you think?

[10] Jude Law: I feel they’ve used the salted egg very lightly and it doesn’t really blend into the pizza.

[11] Jude Law: So Chieu, here is one of the most popular pizzas in Hong Kong.

[12] Chieu: Which is?

[13] Jude Law: It’s got Thousand Island sauce with tuna and pepper … and pineapple, of course.

[14] Chieu: That sounds … disgusting.

[15] Chieu: Let’s try it. My Italian friend Federica would be horribly offended.

[16] Jude Law: Totally not my thing.

[17] Chieu: There’s been an age-old debate about whether pineapple belongs on a pizza. Certainly, tuna and Thousand Island dressing don’t.

[18] Chieu: Now, this might actually be a combination of flavours that might actually be tasty. Korean bulgogi beef pizza.

[19] Jude Law: Soy sauce. I taste it immediately.

[20] Chieu: It definitely tastes like bulgogi.

[21] Jude Law: People said beef and onion do well together. But definitely not on pizza.

[22] Chieu: Again, I’m not sure if this works in pizza form. But of the three we’ve tried today, this is probably the least offensive.

[23] Chieu: Okay, I’m done. Alright, points to the chefs for creativity, but none of these combinations really worked for me. What about you?

[24] Jude Law: Not for me either.

[25] Chieu: But that shouldn’t discourage you from giving this and other pizzas a try. Happy eating.

[26] Jude Law: Happy eating.

[27] Chieu: [singing] Hey Jude, that pizza’s bad. Adding tuna didn’t make it better.

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