Listen and Learn with YouTube videos: Cakes for healthcare heroes

  • A bakery in Hong Kong is making cakes and biscuits for frontline hospital staff during the coronavirus pandemic
  • A weekly listening exercise featuring a trending YouTube video to help you keep up with the news and improve your English
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Watch the video and answer questions 1-10.
Click here for script and here for answers. 

1. Which of the following hashtags is MOST applicable to this video?
A. #thankyouhealthheroes
B. #covidkindness
C. #bakecorona
D. #covidresponse

2. Whom does the word “heroes” in “Cakes for heroes” refer to?
A. donors
B. pastry chefs
C. hospital staff
D. crowdfunding sites

3. Find a phrase in the video that means “to put oneself in harm’s way to achieve something.”


4. Why might some of the staff at Nesbitt Centre have problems finding jobs elsewhere?


5. Which of the following best describes Nesbitt Centre?
A. a company that is fully funded by the government
B. an organisation that makes money in order to serve a social purpose
C. a not-for-profit enterprise in which workers do not get their salary
D. a family-run business

6. How does Nest Bakery add a personal touch to the cake deliveries?

7. Why has the Hospital Authority asked for “more manageable cakes”?

8. Based on the video, are the following statements True, False or Not Given? (4 marks)
Donors have to pledge a minimum amount for each cake.
(ii) Nest Bakery best-selling items are its chocolate sandwich and Earl Grey tea biscuits.
(iii) Nesbitt Centre only hires staff with learning disabilities.
(iv) 'Cakes for heroes, baked by heroes' has been well-received by the public.

9. Refer to the end of the video. Why is 'Cakes for heroes, baked by heroes' a morale booster for nurses?

10. Which of the following is LEAST possible outcome after this video is released?
A. more crowdfunders to support health workers
B. more donations from the public
C. Nest Bakery expanding its menu
D. none of the above

[1] Greg March: “Cakes for heroes, baked by heroes” is quite a simple idea. People can go to a crowdfunding site and they can literally just sponsor a cake. We make the cake here. And then we deliver it to public hospitals in Hong Kong so that those cakes get to the nurses.

[2] Greg March: Hi, I’m Greg March, the director of partnership at the Nesbitt Centre. At our social enterprises, a minimum of 40 per cent of our staff have learning disabilities. We started with coffee shops and as a result of that, we’re actually making quite a lot of cakes.

[3] Staff at Nest Bakery: I make cakes, and help them to measure out the ingredients. It feels great. And it feels like something we can give back to the community.

[4] Greg March: Everyone obviously wants to say thank you to the nurses that are basically putting their lives on the line every day for us. Every cake delivery that we do, we’re going to have handmade thank you cards from our learners.

[5] Greg March: Because the Hospital Authority requested, in particular, a lot of biscuits and more manageable cakes. We’re going to be doing some chocolate sandwich biscuits, Earl Grey tea biscuits, some small banana loaf and marble cake as well, so they’re easy to wrap and package in a safe way, that they can either have at work or take it home.

[6] Greg March: So this is from the Nest bakery and everyone supported it. Thank you very much to all of your front line workers. Thank you so much, thank you.

[7] Greg March: So far, we’re very grateful to receive around HK$30,000 already from very generous donations from the public. It’s a morale booster for the nurses. It supports our not-for-profit social enterprise as well, which in effect, protects jobs for our staff with learning disabilities. It’s just a really nice initiative. And I think everyone really enjoys being part of it.

1. A

2. C

3. putting their lives on the line

4. They have learning disabilities.

5. B

6. by having a handmade card to go with each delivery

7. They are easy to wrap and package and the hospital staff can either have at work or take it home.

8.(i) NG

(ii) NG

(iii) F

(iv) T

9. It is a way of showing how the public appreciates their work and cheers them up while they continue to work in dangerous conditions during the pandemic.

10. C

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