5 Minute Listening: Book Tickets

  • Carey works at a ticket booking agency in London. Listen to her two phone conversations and then answer these questions.
  • Listen to the audio and answer the questions.
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Conversation 1  (Click here for the audio)

Carey: Good morning. How may I help you?

Voice: Good morning. I’m planning a short afternoon trip to London with a couple of friends who love musicals. I’d like to book three tickets for a theatre show please.

Carey: No problem. Which show were you thinking of?

Voice: Have you got three tickets for Phantom of the Opera for a Saturday evening anytime next month?

Carey: Let me have a look. We’ve got three in the front of the stalls for Saturday the 11th at 8pm. But that would be one single seat on row P and two together on Row N. They are very good seats in the middle.

Voice: Don’t you have three together? I don’t think we want to be split up.

Carey: I’m afraid all the Saturday evening performances are sold out in February. We do have tickets for weekday performances.

Voice: Do you have three tickets for the Saturday after, the 18th?

Carey: I’m sorry, as I said all the Saturdays are sold out. Oh ... wait a moment. We do have three for that Saturday, but they are singles in the balcony.

Voice: Hmm... What about Friday, the 10th?

Carey: It looks as if we are fully booked for that Friday. But... yes, we have three together in the rear of the stalls for Friday the 17th.

Voice: How much are they?

Carey: Fifty pounds plus a booking fee of two pounds per ticket. They're in row P. They’re good seats.

Voice: Good. I’ll take those three.

Carey: Are you paying by credit or debit card?

Voice: By credit card, please.

Carey: There is an additional fee of one pound per ticket if you pay by credit card.

Voice: That’s okay.

Carey: Could I have the name on the card and the sixteen digit number across the front please. And the expiry date?

Conversation 2 (Click here for the audio)

Carey: Good afternoon. How may I help you?

Female voice: Are there any tickets left for the Lady Gaga shows at the O2 next month?

Carey: For any particular date?

Female voice: No, it doesn’t matter which night.

Carey: Three of the five shows are sold out. But extra tickets have just been released for the others. You might be lucky.

Female voice: That’s great.

Carey: We do have tickets available for Wednesday the 1st and Thursday the 2nd.

Female voice: Oh, the Wednesday, please.

Carey: How many tickets would you like?

Female voice: A group of us are wanting to come, so ten tickets please.

Carey: I’m afraid that tickets are limited to five per caller.

Female voice: Oh, no...

Carey: You will have to tell one of your friends to call as soon as possible and buy the remaining five tickets. You won’t all be seated together, though.

Female voice: That’s better than nothing.

Carey: Great. That would be 250 pounds in total. How would you like to pay?

Female voice: With a debit card please.

Carey: Good. There is no booking fee for using a debit card.

Female voice: Cool.

Carey: Could I have the name on the card, the number across the front and the expiry date, please?


1. D, 2. B, 3. C, 4. C, 5. A, 6. C, 7. C, 8. D, 9. B, 10. C, 11. A, 12. B, 13. A, 14. C, 15. D

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