Edward Snowden

31-year-old American Edward Snowden, a contract employee at the National Security Agency, is the whistleblower behind significant revelations that surfaced in June 2013 about the US government's top secret, extensive domestic surveillance programmes. Snowden flew to Hong Kong from Hawaii in May 2013, and supplied confidential US government documents to media outlets including the Guardian

From left, Supun Thilina Kellapatha, his seven-month-old son Dinath, wife Nadeeka Dilrukshi Nonis and daughter Sethumdi, five. The family gave shelter to Edward Snowden during his time in the city in 2013. years old, poses for a picture in Wan Chai. Ajith who sheltered Snowden in Hong Kong. 02DEC16 SCMP / Photo: Jonathan Wong

‘Sheltering Snowden has given us hope’

The three groups of individuals who sheltered American whistle-blower Edward Snowden in Hong Kong after he leaked sensitive intelligence files in 2013, dream of leaving the city and being received by a third country, where they can find safety and rebuild their broken lives.