Kunming railway station attack

On March 1, 2014, dozens of commuters were killed and more than a hundred others injured when a gang of knife-wielding attackers rampaged through Kunming railway station in Yunnan province, China. Authorities blamed "separatist forces from Xinjiang" for the deadly attack. Four of the alleged assailants were shot dead by police at the scene.

Xi Jinping urges China’s central Asian neighbours to help step up extremism fight

President Xi Jinping addresses the 14th meeting of the Council of Heads of State of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation in Dushanbe, Tajikistan on Friday. Photo: Xinhua

President Xi Jinping urged Central Asian states to step up the fight against religious extremism and cyberterrorism, Chinese state media said, as Beijing reaches for help across its borders in addressing security concerns in its restive Xinjiang region.

Saturday, 13 September, 2014, 1:40pm

Three given death penalty over Kunming rail station attack

The four defendants accused of participating in an attack at Kunming train station went on trial on Friday. Photos: Reuters

Three people were sentenced to death by a Yunnan court for their role in the attack at a Kunming rail station that killed 31 people and injured 141 in March.

13 Sep 2014 - 3:15am

Four suspects in deadly Kunming station attack charged with terror offences

Paramilitary police patrol Kunming railway station in the wake of the attack. Photo: EPA

Four suspects in the deadly knife attack at the Kunming railway station in March have now been charged with terror offences, state prosecutors said on Monday.

30 Jun 2014 - 7:23pm

Nine jailed for terror crimes as Xinjiang holds latest public sentencing

Nine more people in Xinjiang were jailed on terror-related offences during an assembly. Photo: SCMP Pictures

Nine more people in Xinjiang were jailed for up to 14 years on terror-related offences during a public sentencing in front of more than 3,000 people, state media said today.

27 Jun 2014 - 6:26pm

Xinjiang jails 39 for 'inciting holy war, spreading terrorism'

Officers stand guard after the Urumqi attack. Photo: Reuters

Courts in Xinjiang have jailed dozens of people in a special operation to curb the spread of audios and videos inciting terrorism, the Xinjiang Higher People's Court said.

22 May 2014 - 3:51am 1 comment

Deafening silence follows Kunming railway station hacking attack

The scene at Kunming railway station on March 2, a day after attackers with knives killed 29 people and injured more than 140. Photo: Reuters

On the first Sunday of March, China awoke to sickening news: Attackers with knives had hacked through crowds at the train station in the southern city of Kunming , killing 29 people and injuring more than 140.

22 Apr 2014 - 8:32am 3 comments

Chinese police to receive special weapons training in wake of terrorist attacks

Police officers in Beijing receive training on how to load ammunition and handle their guns. Photo: AFP

Police forces across the mainland are to receive three months of intensive weapons training. The purpose is to improve the skills of police officers on the front line, especially those assigned to street patrols or responding to emergencies, according to the Ministry of Public Security.

18 Dec 2014 - 4:30pm 1 comment

Buddhist temple monks recruited to new anti-terror squad

Members of the squad demonstrate how they would restrain a suspect. Photo: SCMP

The unit at the Lingyin Temple in Hangzhou consists of 20 monks and 25 security officers and was formed in the wake of the knife attack at the Kunming railway station last month that officials blamed on separatist militants from Xinjiang, Xinhua reported. Twenty-nine people and four attackers were killed in the Kunming incident.

4 Apr 2014 - 4:10pm

China must address the grievances that fuel terrorism

A woman cries as she mourns at the scene of the terror attack at the main train station in Kunming, southwest China's Yunnan province on March 7, 2014. Photo: AFP

Twenty-nine people were killed and 143 wounded in the terrorist attack in Kunming on March 1. Forty hours after the assault, China's security authorities named Abdurehim Kurban as the mastermind. Police said "East Turkestan" flags used by Uygur separatists from Xinjiang were found at the scene.

13 Mar 2014 - 2:25am 2 comments

Uygurs in Beijing feel the chill after deadly Kunming knife attack

Friday prayers at Haidian Mosque in Beijing. Some Uygurs say blame for the attack has fallen on all of them. Photo: Wu Na

Reverberations from the Kunming attack nearly two weeks ago are being felt thousands of kilometres away in Beijing, where Uygurs say they face stricter identity checks and worry about their prospects.

12 Mar 2014 - 6:07am 1 comment

Mourners pay respects at scene of Kunming knife massacre

Peter Haymond, the American envoy in Chengdu, lays a wreath at the station where the killing began last Saturday. Photo: SCMP

Mourners paid their respects yesterday at the site of last week's deadly knife massacre in Kunming, as delegates to the national legislative meetings in Beijing pushed for tougher anti-terrorism laws to prevent future incidents.

8 Mar 2014 - 3:59am

NPC’s Xinjiang delegates skirt issues of unrest, Kunming at panel meeting

Xinjiang party secretary Zhang Chunxian (left), a Han Chinese, and Xinjiang's Uygur governor, Nur Bekri. Delegates at the meeting on Thursday mostly avoided talking about ethnic unrest in the region. Photo: Reuters

All 60 National People’s Congress (NPC) deputies from Xinjiang sought to avoid the issue of restiveness in the region at a two-and-a-half-hour meeting that emphasised the region’s economy, and it was only when pressed by journalists that they mentioned the subject.

7 Mar 2014 - 4:53pm

Beijing police threaten action against microbloggers over Kunming attack comments

Citizens convey condolences to the victims of the terrorist attack at the square of Kunming Railway Station in Kunming this week. Photo: Xinhua

Beijing police issued harsh warnings this week to some of China’s most outspoken microbloggers after they posted about the social and political reasons behind the Kunming railway station attack.

8 Mar 2014 - 3:41pm 2 comments

‘Most Uygurs are good people’: China official warns against linking Kunming attack to ethnicity

A Chinese Uygur delegate from Xinjiang province is questioned by reporters about issues relating to the terrorist attack in Kunming on Wednesday. Photo: AFP

A deadly knife attack at a Chinese train station last week should not be linked to ethnicity, a senior government official said, days after authorities blamed the incident on separatists from Xinjiang.

6 Mar 2014 - 9:29pm

Kunming massacre gang 'tried to become jihadists overseas' before station attack

Chinese police and paramilitary soldiers patrol the streets after the attack at the main train station in Kunming, Yunnan province. Photo: AFP

Attackers who launched a brutal massacre at a train station in Kunming travelled to Guangdong in an attempt to leave China and become overseas jihadists before launching their deadly stabbing spree, official says. 

6 Mar 2014 - 4:22am 4 comments