Alex Frew Mcmillan

RANT: The lead-in-water scandal is only going to make our plastic problem worse, writes an aggrieved Alex Frew McMillan.

Hong Kong taxis are great, right? They're cheap, plentiful and fuelled with eco-friendly liquid petroleum gas. There are a few pioneering electric cabs out there, too.

Amid a climate that remains harsh for property fund managers, the focal point for sourcing capital is shifting inexorably to the East. Asia-based institutions are by far the most likely to award new mandates to private real estate investments next year, according to figures from data provider Preqin.


It has been a schizophrenic year for the equity capital markets, with initial public offerings being pulled day after day at one moment, only for the gates to open on share offerings weeks later.

It has not been a good year for the largest listings in Hong Kong. The top 10 initial public offerings fell an average 1.5 per cent on their first day of listing, and were showing a 6.5 per cent decline from their offer price at the end of September.

Renowned for targeting fraudulent companies in corporate China, Carson Block is about to swap being chased by triads for the patter of a different type of feet, at least for a while, writes Alex Frew McMillan.

Chris Chan, a Singaporean who works for a property fund manager in Hong Kong, is looking for attractive real estate in the city. But like many expatriates he currently finds it impossible to buy, and given the raft of restrictions placed on property purchases, and the high prices, he has instead invested a little over US$1 million in US property over the last year or so.

Portugal last year introduced a "Golden Visa" scheme that allows investors to qualify for residency if they spend €500,000 (HK$5.2 million) on property or stocks; Cyprus and Greece have similar schemes and Spain is planning one as well.

Step into a financial adviser's office in Hong Kong, or go in for a financial review with one of the banks, and there is likely to be one result. They will sell you insurance.