Angela Meng
Angela Meng is a writer living in Los Angeles. She has worked in investment banking at Lazard New York, and as a journalist at the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong and Reuters in Beijing.

Many of China's most well-known politicians have been kept prisoner in Qincheng's secretive prison, thought to still keep its inmates in solitary confinement.


Rescue workers are now at the partially collapsed building in Huludao City, Liaoning province, after the 5am blast on Friday, thought to have been caused when a liquified gas tank ignited


Investigation launched as two teachers and a nurse at the same Beijing kindergarten held after parents find needle marks on their children's bodies

Finance Minister Lou Jiwei and his Japanese counterpart Taro Aso met in Beijing yesterday in a move that reopened talks for economic cooperation after more than a three-year delay due to tensions between the two countries.

The Dongfangzhixing, or Eastern Star, was carrying more than 450 passengers and crew when it capsized in the Jianli section of the Yangtze River in Hubei province on Monday night.

People's Liberation Army launches massive rescue operation involving 180 divers after vessel capsizes during stormy weather, including what the captain described as a tornado

An eight-year-old Taipei girl has died almost a day after her throat was slashed by an intruder to her school , the island's Central News Agency reported.

The mainland's banking regulator on Friday urged commercial banks to boost lending to small businesses and the rural sector.

New State Council guidelines are third time in a week that central authorities have promised to nurture growth of online businesses amid the economic downturn

Wang Lijun, the former police chief who served under the jailed Chongqing Communist Party chief Bo Xilai, allegedly kept a dossier of government officials’ secrets to intimidate and blackmail them.

From November 2012 to April, 124 top officials in state-owned enterprises held on suspicion of corruption, 13 per cent working in infrastructure, 12 per cent in telecoms  

A 58-member medical team sent by the Chinese government arrived in Nepal yesterday to help with relief efforts after massive earthquake struck the Himalayan region on Saturday.

Vows by China and Pakistan to deepen security and defence ties will reinforce Beijing's ambitions to increase its arms exports, which could create unease among some countries in the region, especially India, security experts say.

Sewage has been discharged into a reservoir, river and farmland in Shenzhen turning fields in the area a reddish brown.

The threat of terrorist groups and uncertainty over China's future economic growth are some of the challenges facing the nation's New Silk Road initiatives, says a scholar at a Chinese government think tank.

Cui Tiankai, the Chinese ambassador to the United States, said on Thursday that China was building its first airstrip on the Spratly Islands only to provide supply and maintenance for passing ships.

Amateur painter Zheng Hongkang, from Zhejiang province, has built a life-sized clay model of China’s president after being inspired by the leader’s plans for the nation

Chongqing officer unintentionally halts event after being mobbed by crowd of women who abandon race to take selfies with him because he looks like Hong Kong actor Wallace Chung

Couples covered in body paint and dressed only in underwear celebrate 'naked weddings' in Zhejiang province to protest against modern China's values, which focus more on money than love

Du Xiutang, 53, of Shenmu county, in Shaanxi province, who has been granted three Chinese patents on his inventions, has spent 300,000 yuan on his submarine, but is 200,000 yuan in debt

Physical examinations of finless porpoises are being carried out on a boat on Poyang Lake, Jiangxi province, Xinhua reports. The exams are aimed at gaining an insight into the health issues facing the marine mammals. The porpoises, which are related to whales and dolphins, are an endangered species, with only about 1,000 left in China. Pollution, poaching and construction projects are blamed for their decline.

Photos showing students at a middle school in Yulin being made to perform a group workout in the rain to impress inspectors have outraged internet users, China Youth Daily reports.

One of the batteries on a black-box locator beacon had expired more than a year before Malaysia Airlines MH370 went missing, according to an interim report released by the official investigation team probing the loss of the jetliner.

It's been a year since the red-eye flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing disappeared, and despite the most expensive and most expansive aviation search in history, the plane is nowhere to be found.


Britain's Prince William arrived in Beijing on Sunday night, beginning his four-day visit in China where he will meet young people, promote cultural exchanges and engage business leaders.

It's not just the government officials and rising political stars who will come under intense media scrutiny at the national parliamentary session this week.

China's state media has turned the spotlight on non-Chinese tourists misbehaving overseas following criticism of Chinese behaving badly while holidaying abroad.

Natasia Guo, 28, who is of Taiwanese descent but was born and raised in the US, is the co-founder and chief creative officer of, a Chinese e-commerce marketplace for indie designer apparel and accessories.

Jaycee Chan, the son of movie star Jackie Chan, was released from jail just after midnight on Friday morning after serving six months for drug offences, mainland media reported.

Ambitious rivals of communist party cadres and businessmen linked to China’s political figures have secretly set “traps” to help  blackmail them over indiscretions and advance their own careers.

Jack Ma Yun, chairman of e-commerce giant Alibaba, has said he "felt wronged" amid the controversies that have embroiled his company recently.

China’s anti-corruption agency has warned government officials around the country not to lie when declaring their assets and personal interests as random checks will be carried out to verify cadres’ statements.