Artyom Lukin
Artyom Lukin
Artyom Lukin is associate professor and deputy director for research at the Oriental Institute - School of Regional and International Studies, Far Eastern Federal University, in Vladivostok. He is an expert with the Russian International Affairs Council and the Valdai International Discussion Club. He is a frequent commentator for Russian and international news media. His articles and interviews have appeared in major media outlets ,including South China Morning Post, RT, Washington Post, Huffington Post, BBC, CNN, Stratfor.

There is ample evidence Moscow and the West continue to see each other as adversaries and that Russia views China as a valuable ally, though Russia’s growing closeness with China is not equivalent to becoming Beijing’s junior partner.


Whereas the first two world wars broke out and were fought mainly in Europe, the third world war, if it is not avoided, will most probably erupt in the Asia-Pacific region.