Ashley Galina Dudarenok
Ashley Galina Dudarenok
Ashley Galina Dudarenok is a China marketing expert, entrepreneur and vlogger. She is the founder of social media agency Alarice and marketing training company ChoZan. She runs the world’s largest vlog about marketing to China @AshleyTalksChina on YouTube. Ashley is the author of two Amazon best sellers "Unlocking the World’s Largest E-Market: A Guide to Selling on Chinese Social Media” and “Digital China: Working with Bloggers, Influencers and KOLs”. She has been living in mainland China and Hong Kong since 2006.

With even Silicon Valley giants like Facebook learning from the hyperconnected WeChat universe, the investment in data and AI by the Chinese state and companies is paying off.

China’s Evolving Consumers: 8 Intimate Portraits offers insights for marketers and business owners to identify the various types of consumers in the Chinese market and take a walk in their shoes.

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