Celine Sui
Celine Sui
Celine Sui is a US-based independent scholar and freelance journalist focused on Sino-African relations.

China’s response to an NBA team manager’s tweet reveals how adept the Communist Party has become at whipping up nationalist sentiment while containing the risks of doing so.

The Chinese state is taking surveillance to the next level. Vast networks of cameras are not just aimed at reducing crime but also enforcing recycling laws, encouraging civic behaviour. Privacy concerns aside, the tools are reshaping the relationship between government and citizen.

As China eyes partnerships across Asia, Oceania, Europe and Africa, new majors have sprung up at the country’s venerable institutions of foreign-language instruction.

When Chinese companies go to countries like Ethiopia, they find themselves having to deal with labour disputes and run up against legal and cultural complexities. These are the risks firms have to manage, away from the headlines.