Francis P Sempa

A new and lavishly illustrated English translation of Sun Tzu’s seminal 2,500-year-old work on warfare uses case studies of recent and historical conflicts to show his advice remains relevant today.

Cyber warfare, economic espionage, cultural infiltration – the Chinese intelligence services are the 21st century’s KGB, French journalist Roger Faligot writes; he tells the story of China’s spies, from Mao Zedong to Xi Jinping.

British soldiers gunned down 400 to 600 unarmed protesters in Amritsar, India, in 1919. Udham Singh survived and, 21 years later in London, shot dead an official of the East India Association. His thrilling story is told in The Patient Assassin.


Edited by a Taiwanese law professor, this latest volume in a series on contemporary China examines the competing claims to the waterway and the geopolitics of one of the world’s major flashpoints.

The Marshall Plan changed post-war Europe, but its architect, General George Marshall, failed to unite China’s Nationalists and Communists. Author Daniel Kurtz-Phelan asserts that US foreign policy was flawed and doomed to failure

Retired US naval officers, university professors, think-tank scholars, and Asia experts examine China’s aggressive moves in the South China Sea and their current and future geopolitical impact, and hope prudence and wisdom prevail