Chinese history
  • Decision was made because only one-third of those who registered had shown up over past six months, museum says
  • Museum plans to give away the tickets to city’s underprivileged instead

Four-month exhibition, which opens in late September, will present the latest archaeological discoveries from the Sanxingdui ruins in Sichuan province.

The Hong Kong Palace Museum’s new ‘Cartier and Women’ exhibition includes pieces that show the impact of Chinese arts and culture on women’s fashion and the brand over its 176-year history.

In May 1923, Chinese bandits hijacked a luxury train and took foreign and local passengers hostage, resulting in a diplomatic crisis and the fall of the government of the day.

From the first public screenings in 1897 to the first Chinese film shot in the city, the first film studio, the first Cantonese ‘talkie’ and the eventual supremacy of Mandarin-language films, a short history of Hong Kong cinema.

Considering its significant history and legacy, Aisin-Gioro Puyi’s Patek Philippe timepiece may fetch more at auction than Paul Newman’s Rolex and Elizabeth Taylor’s jewellery collection

Kolkata’s Tiretta Bazaar was home to a thriving Chinese community but, while thousands once lived there, that number dwindled. Now, though, it’s increasingly back in the public eye.

The legacy of Malacca’s colonisation by European powers is evident in the Malaysian city’s old town, but look closer and you find evidence of Chinese explorer Zheng He’s influence.

With woodwork and calligraphy, two men are keeping the dying art of Chinese signboard making alive in Singapore – the city state’s Chinatown is filled with decades worth of their work.

The discovery shows the dinosaur ate a long list of animals including mammals, fish, birds, and lizards, the university announced. Microraptor fossils were first discovered in the early 2000s in Liaoning, China.