George Knowles

Alcohol-fuelled trips to the hermit nation under scrutiny after American student’s detention, for the crime of stealing a poster, and subsequent death on June 19, 2017

Actor-director, whose upcoming film is based on the horrors of the regime’s 1970s rule, adds to the 7.5 hectares of riverside land she bought from former commander accused of genocide

Asian-American animal crusader Marc Ching had been hailed for his efforts to save dogs from slaughter during the annual Yulin festival, until last June when his biggest rescue attempt ended in disaster


Said to prolong life, increase sex drive and maintain beauty, gelatin made from boiling donkey skins has seen an explosion in demand from China’s rising middle class, to the alarm of developing countries which depend on the beasts


A rare look inside a recently abandoned factory dormitory in Shanghai, and interviews with workers, reveals something of the living conditions endured by migrants toiling in China to produce goods mainly for export, writes George Knowles

Failing attraction in scenic Guilin, a tourist destination in southern China, is a pitiful front for a sinister trade in tiger bone wine, writes George Knowles

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